Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dead Like Me Marathon

Judy and I have been engaged in obsessive behavior again. We stumbled upon a quirky, dark comedy on some channel or other...Sci Fi, maybe? We liked it so well that we put it into the dvr to record whenever it came on...unfortunately, there were too many conflicts with other shows. But wait, we realllly like this show. What to do? Visit Amazon.com and order Season One and Season Two, of course! We just finished watching Season One last night. My big worry now is that I think that this may be it. Two seasons and nada, zip, zilch. Rats and mice, as my mother would have said. I sure hope they wrap up the wierdness in a satisfactory way. Whatever they do, though, we won't be able to stop watching until every episode has been experienced. Then, we may finally be able to watch the shows piling up in our dvr's memory.

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