Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Long Absence

Considering how much time Robin spends on the computer everyday I'm amazed that it's been 10 months since her last post. I, on the other hand have spent very little time on the computer this last year. It's only been since we bought the laptop that I've got into the habit. Not that I get to USE the laptop mind you, but now that Robin is on the laptop all evening it leaves the desk computer free. So Yay! I've opened a Facebook account and re-connected with lots of friends and now I want to keep the blog up to date. I'm very opinionated and if I go too long without expressing these opinions in a positive way among friends, then I start boring people at work (and the checker at the grocery..). It's not a pretty sight. Today we began the 2008 Cookie Bake. Of course since Robin and I are uber-procrastinators, first we had to clean the kitchen, rearrange the cupboards, organize the pantry and the baker's rack where we store canned goods, take out the trash, go to the grocery and....take a nap! FINALLY, I started baking. First I mixed up the dough for sugar crisps a long-time family favorite, then I moved on to Peanut Butter blossoms while the 1st dough was chilling. I have to say so far, excellent cookies. The family will be suitably grateful I'm sure.


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