Monday, May 15, 2006

Aras wins--Ugh.

Well, I don't know that I could have been MORE wrong about my predictions for last night's Survivor Finale. For starters, I was convinced that the final three was Cerie, Terry and Aras. Since Cerie versus Danielle was the only mystery of the final three--totally wrong. Survivor did a great job of making those of us crazy enough to slow-mo the preview think that Cerie's fire was bigger and better than Danielle's. Unfortunately for Cerie, coconut husks burn big but don't last. Note to next Survivor contestants: Make a point of actually making fire as often as possible because it may be what keeps you in the game some dark night.

I was right about the Danielle versus Aras, Danielle versus Terry voting pattern. That is, Danielle couldn't beat either man because she just hadn't done enough to gain the respect of the jury. Frankly, I'm not sure that Aras could have beaten Terry in a head to head battle, even with the Casaya loyalty because people--Aras only won ONE immunity. He also betrayed most of his team. In the final questioning/statements I was amused that Aras claimed one of the positive game moves he made had been to tell Melissa(?) that she was going home. Riiiight. You tell Melissa to her face that she's going home because she's getting her hopes up and you want to be compassionate. Three days in to the game compassion is apparently easier to deliver. Meanwhile, thirty plus days in, you don't tell Courtney that she's going, you don't tell Shane that he's going and they are both in your alliance!

My dislike of Aras was further hardened by his immature threats when Danielle didn't immediately tell him that she was talking him to the final two. His ebullience after they returned to camp was in rather stark contrast to her somber behavior. Guess that should have been a big clue to her that she had made the wrong choice. Lisa from work suggested today that Danielle must not be too smart not to have figured out that her tribe didn't actually like her. I can't argue that point.

So question to there anything more aggravating than watching the person you don't want to win, win? I still haven't recovered from Kathy being ousted after she had been promised by Vecepia that she would take her to the final. 'Course I also thought Neleh deliberately distracted Kathy during the challenge by telling her that her private parts were hanging out. Slick move, but tacky. Anyway, now I have to live with Terry being the best Survivor contestant ever, but still not winning the game. Rats.

Finally, my Survivor Finale viewing crowd thought Aras' fall on the rocks right onto a champagne glass was a stitch. Pun intended. We watched it in slow-mo twice, it was so funny. We're a vicious crowd. ;o)

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