Saturday, May 13, 2006

Long Time No Blog

Well, it seems like a lifetime has passed since my last post. In fact, in re-reading my last few posts I have been struck by how distant they feel. I haven't thought about the NCAA tournament in six weeks. Apprentice has moved on and on since the Cereal Killers episode. I don't really remember writing about re-reading the Belgariad. It almost had the feeling of reading something that someone else had written.

Lest, you should doubt my committment to my blog, I did have a good reason for my long silence. I was in a car crash on March 23rd. Normally, I would have called it a "car accident" but I happened to overhear a tiny portion of a state trooper's safety lecture to a Fifth grade class at school one day and he told the kids that 'car accident' is an inaccurate term for what happens because it implies that there was nothing anyone could have done to avoid the event. Most accidents have a cause, ergo, they are not 'accidents' as such. I was rather offended by this line of reasoning since I was recovering from one such event which I do not see how I could have avoided. The other guy could have, though, so I suppose that he was right. It is true that often there are things people actively do which cause crashes. (I notice that a lot more now that I'm a bit flinch-y in the car.) Anyway--I don't want to get into all the details of my car crash other than to say my car was totalled and I was airlifted to Shock Trauma. I'm fine now, thank the Lord, but it put a crimp in my petticoat for a while.

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