Friday, July 14, 2006

Project Runway Season 3

I just finished watching the Road to the Runway and the first episode of Project Runway Season 3. Ahhh, now I remember why I enjoyed season 2 so much!. PR is the best reality television on television. This season's cast looks like a very diverse group, well represented with rural and urban types, experienced and inexperienced designers. Happily, some divas and some more normal types as well. Now that the template of the show is familiar to me, I didn't find it difficult to predict who would go home today. Girl who went home doesn't stand out in my memory, obviously, since I can't remember her name. She couldn't effectively use an industrial sewing machine so I'm perfectly happy to not have to watch her struggle to construct garments by hand because of her lack of practical experience. It seems that Jeffrey is the new Santino--big vision, needs lots of talk to explain his design, not attractive to look at (I mean his dress although his little head and big neck with the tattoos is rather different), deconstructed with wierd elements (hem higher in the back? I thought that just meant your butt was too big for your clothes), well you get my drift. Is he a better Santino? That's why I'll be tuning in next week.

Here's Jeffrey's "vision":

My prediction for episode winner was wrong--I thought it would be Michael with his dress made of coffee filters. He made a cute dress and was extremely creative with his materials.

This is what Michael made:

Three designers that I think showed talent and originality and I predict will go far: Angela, Laura, and Kayne.

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