Friday, July 21, 2006

So I'm waiting...

... for a new chair that we purchased to arrive. I have a four hour window of possible delivery time--8-12. I haven't been awake before 8:00 am in some weeks. I'm feeling a bit disoriented. Anyway--back in May, my sister and I bought new living room furniture. It's all red. A red couch and two different red chairs with circles. The couch and my chair were delivered right away. We've been waiting on the second chair because we picked a different fabric. The furniture we already have POPS in my bland living room. I love it. Here's the style of my chair--the fabric isn't exactly the same as mine, but it's close. It's a recliner and I've taken some wonderful naps in it already.

Posting about my recent purchases isn't exactly where I intended my blog to go when I decided to start blogging, but as I have learned, all experiences are fodder for the blog. Considering how rarely I get comments on my blog, you might not think that I feel any pressure to blog. I do though. I know I go to my favorite blogs several times a day hoping for updates. I'm disappointed if nothing new is on offer. Maybe someone feels that way about my blog. If so, I've let them down terribly in the aftermath of my car accident. ( Sorry!) So blog topics are a constant consideration, I can't blog about television I've watched and books I've read exclusively, right?

I have company coming tomorrow. I'll be picking my sister and her husband up at BWI tomorrow morning. (That should be fun--I wonder if there will be media there, waiting for Lebanon evacuees?) I'm happy that they're coming and I'm planning to post pictures to all the touristy things we will be doing in DC/Maryland. The agenda isn't perfectly set so I don't know what all that will include. Well, I know my brother in law wants to go to the NRA museum in Fairfax, Virginia. Yikes. Who knew they even had a museum? Maybe there's a outlet mall nearby...

The chair arrived at 10:00 am. It is more orange than red like the other chair and couch but it all goes together great. The legs of the chair and ottoman are identical to the couch, which is cool considering they were mix n match from different manufacturers.

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