Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December Television

So in the long cold month of December, TV is a vast wasteland. After the November sweeps practically every show you can name goes into re-runs and the only thing that keeps me going are reality tv shows and holiday specials.

Knowing that this year the writers' strike is going to extend the vast wasteland I have been saving shows on my DVR.

Tonight, however, there was no need to move to the show 'bank' (as I like to call it) for entertainment because The Biggest Loser was on. It was a 2 hour episode and I pause here to wonder if the 1 hour episodes aren't the aberration instead of the supersized episodes (pun intended!) since they have been so frequently longer than 1 hour this season.

Tonight's episode whittles (wow, am I on a pun roll or what!) the number of contestants from 6 to 5. Nicole got the boot. It was quite annoying that Julie, also below the yellow line but sitting pretty in an alliance with 3 other black team members had the stones to pretend there was a chance in heck that she was going to get voted off. In addition to her team having the majority vote, Nicole was clearly the bigger (make that 3 on the pun scoreboard) threat. Tonight was also notable for the fact that poor Kim, trainer to the worst team ever, made her last appearance until the finale. With no one left to train there's no reason for her to show up on campus.

Tonight's other little gem was CBS' annual holiday airing of "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If we know it's coming on (sometimes we get busy and miss it in the schedule) Robin and I always tune in. It really brings back our childhood. Since it was filmed in 1964, I can't remember when it wasn't on. The funny thing is, once we start watching we also start cat-calling the TV because we're so annoyed with Santa, and Rudolph's mom and dad and all the other reindeer for being so prejudiced! I mean it's a red nose, for crying out loud! How's that going to stop you from being a great flying reindeer or get a cute girlfriend? Have you seen the great looking women some of these biggest loser guys manage to snag? And what Rudolph can't do that well? I should say he can! He's cute!
It usually takes us two or three attempts to watch the whole thing because of this. Tonight I got to where Rudolph goes to the reindeer games before switching to the Biggest Loser. But I did record it to my DVR (although I'm sure I have it on DVD too, so how weird am I?) so I can watch it in small doses. Oh yeah, the other annoying thing is that dumb elf boss. What a grating voice! Plus it's not logical, why do all elves have to make toys? Somebody needs to fill the other job categories, I don't see anyone living up there except, Santa, his wife, reindeer, elves and snowmen. Who's cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.
I'm just saying..

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