Friday, December 21, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas

So today is Friday December 21st and I've finally managed to get out and do some Christmas shopping. I've been spending the last week baking in most of my spare minutes as Robin and I decided this year to send boxes of cookies home to Karen and Jeri Lynn, along with the purses we bought them on Canal Street in New York last month.

Following our normal pattern of behavior we finally got everything baked and the boxes packed and lugged them up the hill to our local pack and ship. Of course we missed the ups guy so we sent them via Fedex Ground. They're supposed to be there tomorrow but I guess we'll see.

I'm still waiting for my online Christmas presents to arrive so Christmas day might be a bit of a bust but I've got the weekend to sort myself out.

It's kind of nice that Christmas is on a Tuesday, my office is closed Christmas Eve so we're getting a 4 day weekend but on the other hand I feel like Christmas is rushing up on me because I won't have any time to prepare for it after the weekend if over. It's kind of screwy of me, I admit. But I never pretended to have completely normal thought patterns.