Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Oh for pete's sake...

I wonder who Pete is, anyway. So, here's the thing---I have a salivary gland infection or blockage. Yup. Can you believe it? I look like McCain, with this bulbous swelling under my left ear. Plus--if I eat. It HURTS. Since I'm activating my salivary gland and it can't squirt out saliva, well you get the idea. When I ate a Happy Meal this afternoon, I discovered this sad fact. What have I learned as a result? Only eat the things that are worth the pain. Like, I don't know...doughtnuts. See, I know I have a fat face, but that wierd lump on my left is not normal. (That's Saba! in the background giving me advice about taking a picture with my webcam.)
**Update** My doctor prescribed a Z-pack and I am happy to report that the swelling is significantly better and did not worsen when I ate my breakfast. Whew.

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