Sunday, March 01, 2009


Just when we thought it was safe to think about spring, Maryland is under the gun of a big snow storm. It was warm enough this past week to have a fire drill! But public school teachers and students are now on the countdown to a possible snow day. After the last big snow storm predicted fizzled into nothingness; it's best to take nothing for granted. As in, I'll believe it's snowing when it starts snowing.

Last night when the sleet started tap, tap, tapping on the window pane, Judy was pretty irritated with me. After we went to Target yesterday, sat in our car in the parking lot at Bed, Bath and Beyond talking to Karen for like an hour, shopped at BB&B (got a set of Henckels knives, woohoo!), paid the rent, picked up Burger King for "linner", and unpacked our goodies from BB & B which involved washing all the knives and putting them in the knife block; my back was ready for a rest. Which turned into a nap. When lasted like, um, three hours. She fell asleep too! How is that my fault? I just started out resting my eyes. So we ended up waking up at 9:00. That's too late in Robin-world to go to the grocery store. Hey--I don't like going out in the dark. Sue me. I assured her that I was confident despite the evidence of sleet falling that we would be able to go to the grocery story on Sunday and I was right. So there.

Meanwhile--I feel confident that if we actually slept more through the week, we would not 'accidently' end up napping on the weekends for three or four hours. I'm just sayin', what was I sayin'? I can't remember what point I had, if any, so I'll just hit post.

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