Monday, April 27, 2009

Sandal Weather = Pedicure Weather

It's officially spring for me when I wear sandals to work for the first time. The reason being, my school stays cold long after other buildings begin to warm up with the good weather. I rarely break out my summer clothes at school until August. Some people, hardy souls, have been wearing sandals and flip flops for weeks. I can't believe they haven't gotten frost-bitten toes. Our weekend of temperatures in the '90s did their work however. So today I wore sandals to work.

Of course, that meant I had to do a hasty pedicure so my toes were fit to be seen. My heels need some serious work, but I counted on my longish pants to hide those sins. Polish-wise, I usually wear L'Oreal's Las Vegas shade on my toes for most of the summer. It's a good all-around pinky-coral-pearlized color. After looking at it all day though, I decided I needed something new and cutting edge. So at Walmart tonight, I perused the nail polish selection. To my dismay the fast drying polishes are out of favor. I wonder if it's all the formaldehyde? I was immediately struck by Revlon's Steel Her Heart shade. It's a dark metallic gray color. I waffled for a minute or so but finally went for it. Who cares how old I am! It looks great on my toes. Every now and then all that time and energy I put into reading InStyle magazine pays off for me.

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