Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

Well, I'm on day three of my mini-Spring Break. It started with a bang on Wednesday evening when Saba came over for our weekly dinner. We've been on a thin-sliced chicken breasts and salad kick lately. During and after dinner we watch "The Real Housewives of New York City" together. We are on Team Bethenny btw. That Kelly chick is crazy and an inexplicably weird dresser.

On Thursday I slept in a little and discovered that Judy had actually gotten up before me. Quelle Horreur! Turns out the pain in her neck/shoulder/arm/thumb is quite severe and she is having trouble sleeping in her bed so she came out to the couch and slept a while. I am now taking care of her pretty steadily. Thankfully, she did finally make a doctor's appointment for Monday afternoon so hopefully two more days before she receives better pain killers than Tylenol.

Friday was more of the same. We did leave the house for lunch at Five Guys. Today things were finally back to normal because when I got up, Judy was still in bed. I was able to have my morning coffee and internet time without listening to her crunch cereal. (She also turns the tv on which I hate.) We headed out for lunch (I don't cook lunch) and hit the grocery store. We'll be having the traditional ham for Easter dinner.

In my spare time from cooking and waiting on Judy, I have been reading. I'm about to pass 19,000 pages for the year. I just finished the last Nalini Singh book in the Psy-Changeling series. It was excellent. As previously stated, I enjoy any book with psychic elements and people who can change into animals--especially in the cat family. I had two cats for nineteen years after all. I'm rather attached to that type of pet. I'm also done with the Vampire books by Lara Adrian. I believe both authors have another book in their series coming out in the summer. Sigh. I switched over to modern Cowboy books by Linda Lael Miller as you may recall and finished The Creeds of Montana. I was all set to start on the McKittricks but Judy has managed to lose them somewhere in my house. I've got A LOT of books around here. I've looked but I'm stumped as to where they could be. I considered that we might have loaned them to Karen or Jeri Lynn--that's a bit of a long shot. So what to read next....hmm....I've got some Susan Mallery books waiting or Mary Balogh's latest...Wait and see.

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