Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The World War II Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

These photos were all taken with a cell phone--Andrea's to be specific--but they turned out pretty well.

Visiting Washington D.C.

My niece Andrea just visited for a week with her extremely cute son, Connor. We had a great time visiting the National Aquarium of Baltimore and Washington D.C. It is a little difficult to sightsee with a toddler and all the necessary equipment--strollers, diaper bags, toys, etc. We found that DC is not well set up for strollers. Using the metro is do-able but when you use the elevators to get in and out, then you lose any distance advantage that the escalators give you. For example, at the Smithsonian stop the elevator won't take you to that great exit on the Mall so you have to walk farther. Since DC is a walker's marathon that can wear you out a bit. Here are some pictures of the monuments we viewed. We walked the circuit, as I call it, from the Washington Monument down to the Lincoln and back again. It's a journey for the hearty or is that hardy? We were lucky the day was cool and overcast, otherwise I might have collapsed.

The Washington Monument