Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz

I just finished reading Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz. This is a modern day Arcane novel which continues the story of the struggle of Jones & Jones and the Arcane Society against the evil Nightshade organization. The book also has a minor connection to the Eclipse Bay series in the person of the eccentric Arizona Snow.

As a long-time reader of Jayne Ann Krentz novels, this book met my expectations very well. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Typical of Krentz' books, it is the story of two misfits and how they each find the mate who, if they don't complete them; matches them very well. The hero and heroine have been without family for most of their lives, and have not found a partner who will accept them and love them unconditionally. They form a bond that satisfies and fulfils. It is (as I expect in my books) a happily ever after type of book. I personally don't have a problem with that. You will never find me reviewing a book recommended by Oprah, after all. The story is romantic suspense with the suspense being provided by the conflict between Nightshade operatives and our hero and heroine. This book gets my recommendation--with four stars out of five possible. Sadly, since I finished the book today--I can't count it toward any part of the 2009 Book Challenge, darn it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Book Challenge

Judy and I have decided to create and compete in a book challenge this year. We invite our friends and family to participate too. The challenge is in three parts. You can participate in all three or just one. It's up to you. Part one: read 12 biographies in the coming year. Part two: reading 12 nonfiction, mystery, science fiction, suspense, or romance (not including category romance) books in the coming year. Part three: read 50,000 pages worth of books counting any and all books read. (Magazines, internet, etc do NOT count toward your page total.) We recognize this challenge will be tough for those of you who have kids (rethinking that decision yet? ;o) oops, too late) which is why we added some flexibility to the levels of participating in the challenge. The challenge begins January 1, naturally, so get reading to READ.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008 Cookie Bake

So the great Cookie Bake of 2008 is over. In the end we had an unintended white chocolate theme but I think the mix of cookies is interesting and I hope really good. All that's left to do now is prepare the boxes. Each box will have:
White Chocolate Candy Cane Drops
Sugar Crisps
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Cherry Chocolate Kisses
Orange Sugar Cookies
Coconut Drops
Candy Bark (a cracker/toffee/chocolate candy)
White Chocolate Trash (a white chocolate/cereal candy)
Pretzel Rods coated with white chocolate and jimmies
I still have some baking to do for our Christmas Day company but the biggest amount is over.
I hope we get some good feedback from the family so we can adjust for next year.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Long Absence

Considering how much time Robin spends on the computer everyday I'm amazed that it's been 10 months since her last post. I, on the other hand have spent very little time on the computer this last year. It's only been since we bought the laptop that I've got into the habit. Not that I get to USE the laptop mind you, but now that Robin is on the laptop all evening it leaves the desk computer free. So Yay! I've opened a Facebook account and re-connected with lots of friends and now I want to keep the blog up to date. I'm very opinionated and if I go too long without expressing these opinions in a positive way among friends, then I start boring people at work (and the checker at the grocery..). It's not a pretty sight. Today we began the 2008 Cookie Bake. Of course since Robin and I are uber-procrastinators, first we had to clean the kitchen, rearrange the cupboards, organize the pantry and the baker's rack where we store canned goods, take out the trash, go to the grocery and....take a nap! FINALLY, I started baking. First I mixed up the dough for sugar crisps a long-time family favorite, then I moved on to Peanut Butter blossoms while the 1st dough was chilling. I have to say so far, excellent cookies. The family will be suitably grateful I'm sure.