Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Insider Tips

Judy and Allison following tradition.

In our house we've found that the best guide books around for anywhere you want to go on a vacation are the ones published by Wiley Publishing under their "Unofficial Guide" series. When we went to Disney World a few years ago we followed the Unofficial Guide to Disney World book religiously and found everything they suggested to be EXCELLENT.

Naturally, when we moved east we promptly consulted the Unofficial Guide To Washington D.C. which we had purchased in anticipation of a vacation in D.C. Many things have changed since 9-11, however, so we also purchased the updated version which reflects the tighter security and changes at some tourist sites like the White House.

The guide often provides cool tips for things to do in Washington D.C. One tip about a D. C. tradition--sitting in Albert Einstein's lap. When you visit the Vietnam Wall or the Lincoln Monument you are right across the street from the National Academy of Sciences on Constitution Avenue where Eistein's cool super-sized statue is waiting for you to climb on and snap.

Albert is wearing sandals and holding a paper with E=mc2 on it, I loved the giant size and cool texture of the sculpture.

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