Thursday, August 17, 2006

Project Runway-Recycl-orama

Tonight's episode of Project Runway featured fashions made out of recycled materials. Given the variety of materials that can be recycled, I can only say, the variety in terms of materials actually used was rather poor. Paper, foil, peanut bag/styrofoamy stuff, and plastic were it. I was not horribly upset by Allison's aufing--she's been talented and creative but she has such a low key personality that I didn't feel personally involved with her. Mostly, in my house, we were crossing our fingers, toes and legs hoping that Kane would not go home. Vincent--on the other hand, I could have happily kicked out the door with a nice big boot.

My impressions--

Michael--Yeehaw! Woohoo! That guy rocks! I stopped the dvr when I first saw the plastic stole because Judy was reading and I wasn't sure she had caught the brief glimpse of it that we were given early in the episode. I thought from that first glimpse that he was creating something special. I loved the gold lame look of the bodice too. In fact, his variety of materials factored with the absolute elegance of the outfit he created put him ahead of the field. He used the foil stuff, plastic wrap, and the peanut bag styrofoamy stuff--something different for each piece. Quel creative! I'm more convinced than ever that he will end up in the final three.

Laura--I loved the dress Laura created, who wouldn't? It was elegant and perfectly made. The flower was an especially wonderful touch--I'm assuming she made that sucker from scratch. That said, did anyone else notice that the black dress she so frequently wears--and was wearing tonight--was practically the twin of the dress she sent down the runway? When Angela made a disastrous poufy skirt for her model and then wore the twin of the skirt herself, she was mocked. What's the difference? Okay, okay....Angela's skirt was hideous and Laura's dress was elegant but you get my point, right? I do think Laura needs to step outside the box a bit. Isn't she in danger of being a one-note? I mean, everything she creates is in this certain, classic style. Isn't that limited? Or is it okay to be limited when everything is exquisitely made and looks fabulous. It's something to ponder anyway. P.S. by the way, her personality is clearly beginning to grate on her fellow contestants. What's with all the unsolicited advice and commentary to the other designers? Hello--these are your competitors--don't help them by giving your critique of their work. 1) It's obnoxious. 2) They might listen and improve.

Jeffrey--If only the world and the judges thought as well of Jeffrey as Jeffrey thinks of himself. Could he be more bitter and nasty about Michael's win? I hope he is embarrassed and ashamed to have his condescending remarks made public. His arrogance is simply not supported by his creations so far. I liked this dress fairly well, I didn't think it deserved to win because it was all one material, paper. I thought the newspaper print idea was cool, but then he painted over the print with the blue and yellow? green? Meanwhile, did I hear a judge comment on how clever he was to layer the paper over some fabric? Wouldn't that have been kinda against the rules? Just wondering...

Angela--She didn't see alot of play in tonight's show. I loved the jumper she created. I loved the blue sparkly squares and the modern, hip feel the outfit had...for the ten seconds it was on screen tonight. I guess from the previews that we'll be seeing lots of Angela in next weeks episode.

Vincent--I would have been happy if Vincent had gone home, as I said earlier in the post. He's a nutball, as we like to say in the midwest. His dress was hardly was a column. Clearly fit was an issue, as in, it didn't fit or why did the model wear a black halter bra under it? Throwing crap down the front and back of the dress didn't improve it. His arrogance and complete and utter refusal to credit the judge's criticism with any validity was also annoying. I thought for a few minutes that he had offended Nina and Michael sufficiently that he would get kicked but no such luck.

Allison--I thought the square skirt made of the colorful paper strips was a fabulous and creative idea. I was very sorry when Allison abandoned that idea for the cream, crinkly paper look. Several times I saw things on the dress form that were better looking than what ultimately went down the runway. I didn't think that the model look so hideous, but I am no supermodel so possibly my eye isn't skewed toward emaciation as beauty. Apparently, for the judges and Heidi, aufing all came down to the horror of seeming fatter than you really are--versus--wearing a stupid looking but slimming dress. As a plus size person I was particularly charmed--NOT, by Heidi's horror that Allison had made her model look like a PLUS SIZE MODEL. Quelle horreur!!

Robert--Great effort this week, although, I hardly remember what it looked like. I do remember thinking, "Barbie would wear that." It make sense, if you see where I'm coming from. The dinner scene between Robert and Kane was a scream. It reminded me of the pillow Alice Roosevelt Longworth had embroidered which read, "If you haven't got anything good to say about someone...come sit by me." I'm tickled Robert will be here for another week, I like him.

Kane--You gotta feel for Kane. He created a horror--and it's not like he didn't know it was a horror--but only when Tim told him it was a horror did he realize he had to fix the horror--in an hour. When you look at it like that, he should have won, right? I was disappointed in the first dress because it was an evening dress and I really wanted to see Kane step out of the pageant dress arena and into something different, like daywear. The gi-normous flower wasn't the worst the skirt, though, that was the bottle tops. What was he thinking? He did a pretty good job of saving the outfit, in the end, and the back wasn't commented upon but it was a lace up which was creative. I liked the color he added as well, but the foil bow was a step too far. Still, I'm happy he survived to create another week. And good for him telling Laura to shut up with her "helpful comments".

Is that everyone? If it's not, then they clearly rate no mention in the blog because I can't remember them.

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