Thursday, August 31, 2006

Project Runway--Travelin' Jet Setters

Jeffrey is still the MEANEST GUY EVER!! I'm pretty sure that the way he hassled Angela and taunted her with remarks about the previous challenge would be considered bullying in any school in America. I really wanted someone to tell him to shut up or give him a suspension. There should be a zero tolerance policy for bullying on the show. Unfortunately, he seems to have most of the designers intimidated and the one's who aren't, like Laura, have other problems to worry about. I SO wanted him to go home and it poured salt in the gaping wound of my dislike that he won the challenge. (Silent scream happening now.) I know Angela was...quirkly...and she certainly deserved to go home..(linen? heck, I don't sew and I know better than that!) I wonder how much of her horrible outfit can be attributed to Jeffrey's constant harrassment. I imagine that made it kinda hard to think...have I mentioned that I dislike jerky Jeffrey?

Whew! Okay, glad I got that off my chest. Maybe now I can recap the episode. Last night's episode of Project Runway was not about a strange breed of Irish Setter, but in fact, about Jet Setters. Hmm, is that one word or two? Jetsetter? Jet setter? You see the difficulty. Do people actually use the word jet setter? It's something to ponder. Anyway, the challenge centered around creating an outfit for a rich/famous person who jets around the world at will. The outfit was supposed to travel well--although I had to re-watch my dvr to see if Heidi or Tim actually mentioned that aspect of the challenge on camera because that part was news to me. They did not, for the record. I assume that was in the extended brief about the challenge, since Uli sort of referenced it. The episode was fairly tame aside from the annoyance of jerky Jeffrey. They sketched, bought fabric, sewed like crazy and oh yeah, had to model their own work this time. Then after the runway show and an abbreviated critique session the designers flew first class to Paris. I felt very badly for the aufed person, having to turn right around and fly home even if it was first class. That's a recipe for swollen extremities.

What can one actually say about the outfits created? Some were great outfits but wildly inappropriate for travel, imho. Let me run them down.

Uli created a wonderful, colorful dress which was almost exactly identical to the dress that she created that won a challenge. Same silhouette, same twisty halter top straps, same mix of different but cool fabrics...well, you get the drift. The judges very intelligently called her out on it and suggested she show them something different next time. Uli is uber-talented but you can't just keep doin' the same ole same ole. I also take issue with whether a long halter dress is really the best thing to travel in, though the wild pattern of fabric made the wrinkles less noticeable.

On that same theme, Laura created a wrap cocktail dress in a pale champagne color. Huh? Seriously, would the jet set schlepp on a plane in something that elegant? I also had a what the heck? moment because she hardly looks pregnant in this outfit yet next week's previews show her with her top tied under her breasts and her belly hanging out like she's five months along. Either there was a phenomenally long break in filming or she really was wearing a girdle under that dress. Idid think that I caught a glimpse of one as she was dressing. Is that good for the baby? The squooshing thing? I was very impressed that Laura took the criticism that the judges gave her in the last challenge (sailor outfit?) to heart. No moaning about the injustice of it, just a determination to rise to their challenge. Laura's definitely one tough chick. (Especially since she was still wearing four inch stilletos after all that time.)

What can one say about Kayne? I liked the shirt. I could see a male celebrity wearing the shirt...I could NOT see a male celebrity wearing the rhinestone KAYNE belt buckle or the bling chains hanging off the waist band. I wasn't crazy about the bootleg cut of the pants or the big ole honking cuffs on the pants either, but I don't like to nit-pick. Well, okay...I DO like to nit-pick. ;0) I was very glad that Kayne didn't go because I like Kayne. However, when the famous designer in Paris told Kayne he looked ridiculous I thought, "Ouch. Harsh. So true."

Vincent got disrespected in this episode because well, he actually made something that a real person would wear in fabric that traveled well. A vee-neck, long-sleeved black top and black pants in a stretch type fabric. He looked like he was comfortable and the outfit traveled well. Quel horreur. Clearly not jet set, but sensible. Vincent did take childish delight in successfully making an outfit for a guy, his first ever.

Jerky Jeffrey's rock star ensemble won raves because it was something a jet set rock star type guy would wear. Okay, I concede that. They'd look stupid to the rest of us, but yes, they would wear that outfit--purple coat and all. It had pants that were tight enought to be leggings and a skull and cross bones sequined t-shirt. Yep. Very rock star. His tattoos went perfectly. But what does it say about Jeffrey that he decorated the crotch of the pants with a long line of sparkling things? He went crazy with the be-dazzler in the male pride area. In fact, it reminded me of a modern day codpiece when he was finished. That's a man who's deeply, deeply troubled by his...well...I'm sure you get my drift.

Michael created a cool white, hip hop inspired outfit to wear to the Hampton's for a P. Diddy event. It was awesome. The whole outfit was fresh and elegant with a modern edge. I loved both parts of the outfit. In addition to looking good, his outfit traveled incredibly well. I didn't see ANY wrinkles in his pants even after that long flight! I wanted him to win again. I am more convinced than ever that Michael will be in the final. He hasn't made a mis-step yet.

Finally, Angela. O Angela. :::SIGH::: My faithul reader knows that I was initially impressed with Angela. I thought she could go all the way. She was different enough, with a unique contrasting viewpoint compared to the others, so that I think she could have done it but for...well...hmm..what was the problem? Personality? No, she came out of that. Execution? Maybe a bit. Experience? Possibly. Flexibility? Yep. That was it. She was too attached to her personal design viewpoint. She couldn't adjust it to fit a more sophisticated style. I liked the yo-yos she made, (my mother made a quilt of those little round doohickey things and it was gorgeous,) but girl--you do not need to be putting yo-yos on every dang thing you sew. Hold off some, will ya? And what about the LINEN. You do not need to be an actual jetsetter to know that linen doesn't travel well. Heck, you cannot go from your bedroom to the kitchen in your own house without linen turning into a wrinkled mess. Finally, what is up with "I don't know any jet-setters so I can't design for them." Do they not sell Life & Style magazine in Ohio? What about People or US Weekly. Apparently Angela is not afflicted with an inexplicable interest in the lives of the rich and famous like so many of us who buy the weekly rags. Go figure. Suffice to say, I don't know any jet-setters either, but I wouldn't put anyone in that outfit she conjured up. Not even my worse enemy.

Next week, I am hoping that Jeffrey will finally get the boot. Or Vincent. Either exit will satisfy me. Right now I'm not worried about who will win, I just want the right people to lose.

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Robin said...

As far as Angela goes, I wouldn't even put Paris Hilton in that outfit! But still, I think one of the Olson twins (the anorexic one) WOULD wear it. Great Recap!