Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blackberry Storm

Judy and I bought new phones for Christmas this year. Our new every two was due (heh, dig the rhyming?) so naturally that meant we just had to upgrade. We picked the Blackberry Storm, since we weren't willing to give up our Verizon service just to get the iphone. Trust me--nothing would induce me to go back to Cingular/A.T. & T. In Maryland, the best reception is provided by Verizon. At first we thought maybe we had made a mistake. It's a lotta phone--maybe more phone than we can handle--what with not being teenagers or techies. But with use, we've become more adept at handling the touch screen. So overall, I feel less like an old lady driving a Ferrari. The coolness factor is pretty darn high so that's nice because I need all the help I can get.


shirley said...

ooo.... shiny new techy toy..... I have been thinking about upgrading, but just haven't done it. I would love to have an iphone, but agree with your comment about AT&T.
But I also don't want to pay for the data package, so what's the point? I know - the coolness factor.... :-)

Jen said...

I am totally coveting your Storm! I have the BB world phone and have wanted to upgrade & just haven't taken the time. I like the idea of the iPhone, but am with you re: AT&T.