Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Ice Storm That Wasn't

We had a rain/sleet/ice event here in Maryland, which began on Tuesday and ended Wednesday. Weather forecasters kept using the term "dodged a bullet' to describe it. They really need to get some other phrase for variety's sake. After getting out of school two hours early on Tuesday (while it was just raining) I waited for the event to change over into something that would cause massive problems for travelers and more school closings. It just didn't really ever happen. Wednesday morning we had school as usual. On my drive in to work I observed some spectacular icing on trees and railings but the roads were fine--which is how I like my ice events. I was able to take some pictures of the trees around my school on my walk in--while juggling my umbrella, book bag, purse, and coffee mug. Sadly, when I left school that afternoon the trees had lost their glittering decoration and were black and shiny with rain--all the magic had washed away.

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