Thursday, January 15, 2009

Illinois Basketball

I don't follow Illinois basketball as closely now, as I once did. The reason is simple. Frustration. Living in Maryland I can't see the games because the games shown in this area are all ACC, all the time. Too bad I don't like the ACC teams. I am happy to note however the Illinois is doing pretty well so far, especially in conference play. They have beaten Missouri (ranked at the time), Purdue (ranked 19), and last night beat Michigan (ranked 25). They are tied for second in the Big Ten. They also were ranked in the CBS-Sportsline Top 25. Hopefully ranking in the AP and Coaches polls won't be far behind. Woohoo! Go Illini--the better you play the more chance I have of actually catching a game on tv.


shirley said...

Go Illini! We saw them play over the Christmas break. We're glad they are having a decent season after last year. You might be able to catch them on Big 10 Network, if you get that channel.

Robin said...

Sadly, we do not. :o( Occasionally they show a game on the Sunday afternoon. We really rely on the Illini getting into the NCAA championships every year to really get a good look at them---sadly that didn't work out last year. Fingers-crossed about this year, they are off to a good start.