Saturday, May 13, 2006

Toyota Matrix

Because of my misfortune, I had to get a new car, naturally, to replace the totalled Mazda Protege. I chose the silver Toyota Matrix. It's a teeny tiny SUV-like car. It has a station wagon body style, but cool with it. It's a four cylinder so the gas costs aren't prohibitive. My older sister has a black Pontiac Vibe which I loved from the get-go, so that was my inspiration point. The Vibe and Matrix are twins basically. My family tends to follow trends when purchasing cars. For a few years there all my sisters had gold cars, for example. Anyway, the wonderful thing about the Matrix is that it sits pretty high up from the ground so you can slide in and out without a lot of bending and contorting. That's important when your knees are still banged up and tender from a car I'm enjoying the new car smell and I'm already planning a trip to IKEA where my increased cargo space will mean I can buy whatever I want practically, while not worrying about being able to fit it into my car.

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