Saturday, December 01, 2007

Long Absence

Robin and I have been super busy the last little while and to be completely fair to Robin, she's also had a heck of a time getting pictures and stuff to post when she tries to blog so she's a little like Pavlov's dog but not in a good way. Everytime her upload fails she takes a little longer to try again. Between technical difficulties and time management problems (I really need to win the lottery so this working for a living thing can go hang) we've been very quiet lately.
But due to steady nagging from our loyal but silent readers I'm picking today (of course it's midnight on Friday) to re-new my commitment to letting everyone else know what I think.

Starting small I'll just share that I'm reading a terrific book by William Bennett called "America: the Last Best Hope". It's actually two books. It's the history of the United States. The first book covered from the revolutionary war to just before WWI. The second book covers from WWI until I'm not sure when. I'm reading about President Carter right now. Boy howdy, was he an idiot. Not only incompetent but so wrong-headed that it would only be a little dramatic to say he was evil. He supported Communism and its spread all over the world but any totalitarian government that was anti-communist he worked to topple. You have to wonder what he thought was the difference between a Soviet dictator and any other.
Anyway, I've really enjoyed these books because they're very readable but also information on a detailed level. The information is sortof familiar but at the same time I don't remember learning it in school.

Next up is the new Jan Karon. Maybe by the time I start it, I can figure out how to show a picture of the cover.

And before you know it I'll be dishing on the celebrities and all my favorite reality tv shows (because yes, the addiction continues!)
Stay tuned and POST COMMENTS!


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