Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hurricane Rain

Well, used-to-be hurricane rain I guess, has been falling here in Maryland since yesterday. Maybe I should call it tropical depression rain now? Yesterday school closed one hour early in anticipation of the heavy rain and windy conditions. I don't think it ever got as bad as they feared that it would. Better safe than sorry when transporting children home through hill and dale though.

Today's going to be a lazy Saturday--it's very fall-like since the temperature is cool and the rain is cold. Stew would be perfect on a day like today. I noticed some orange leaves littering the sidewalk on my drive up the hill to McDonald's for my morning diet Coke. Fall seems to come early here on the east coast compared to Illinois.

I've been pretty productive so far; I've cleaned off the computer desk of a week's worth of bills and mail, fed the neighbor's cat, paid the rent, and installed (plugged it) my new external harddrive. The last was work since I had to crawl under the computer desk to plug everything in. I don't like crawling. It's not in my nature. I am not a floor sitter and I cannot relate to those who are. Chairs are plenty good enough for me--nice, tall ones.

With the installation of the new external hard drive I, happily, will stop getting those annoying low disk space messages which were popping up every few minutes. I have moved all my pictures and music to the new drive and voila! enough space to navigate once more. When I first bought my Vaio I thought 16 gigabytes was enormous. The new external drive is 230 gigabytes so there you go. Enough is relative.

I've finished the new Nora Roberts' Morrigan's Cross last night and as soon as Judy finishes the new Stephanie Lauren's To Distraction I can start on that. Usually I don't let Judy read any of the new books first if I can avoid it because she reads verrrry slooowwlly. Don't feel too sorry for me though, I have a stack of 30 in my tbr (to be read) pile. I could resume the Lee biography I'm slowly working through or start Mary Balogh's new Simply Love ? which we bought last week. Sometimes I hoard books though in anticipation of a dry spell...I guess my inclination is to hoard the Balogh. It's an odd behavior I have no explanation for...

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