Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Broken Leg

There is a sad story, which here must be told,
A story, I feel, I must unfold.
Of something that happened to Judy one day,
When a patch of ice got in her way.

That awful winter was at it's peak,
There was cold and ice and snow
That January afternoon,
(Whose date I do not know).

On that dark day at five o'clock,
Judy left work for home.
And as she slipped along side her car,
Her workmates heard her moan.

I got the call 'round ten p.m.,
At that hour it gave me a shock.
So the first thing I did as I answered the phone,
Was to look up at the clock.

Bad news, I thought, this time of night,
Then Judy confirmed my suspicions.
She had fallen and broken her leg,
Due to the icy conditions.

A coworker had driven her home,
From the parking lot where she fell.
She waited for Robin to appear,
While her leg continued to swell.

They rushed her to the emergency room,
After they ascertained,
Her leg must surely be broken,
By the sheer amount of pain.

There they sat the whole evening long,
She and Robin awaiting their turn.
'Till at last they saw the doctor,
And suspicions were confirmed.

A splint was applied to hold it firm,
A cast would be put on the next day.
And finally at ten o'clock,
They were sent back on their way.

Oh, the numerous problems,
Like climbing the stair,
And getting herself up out of bed,
Were almost more than Judy could bear.

Next day they put her in a cast,
From her ankle to her thigh.
Her knee was bent at an angle,
And 'why me' was her cry.

For weeks she would have to stay wrapped up,
In the big and heavy cast,
Unable to help herself at all,
But slowly the long days passed.

She was able to do so little,
Or even to get herself up.
The only good part of the whole darn thing,
Was that she could blame The Cup.

Two weeks of leave were granted,
But it wasn't any fun.
Robin waited on her hand and foot,
It kept her one the run.

When at last the big cast came off,
(It was signed with dozens of names),
She didn't expect to get a 'break',
Only more of the same.

Judy, you are the first in the family,
To ever break a bone,
And the rest of us all fervently hope,
That in this you will be alone.

Mary J. Stevens

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