Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Night Manipulation

Friday Night is our special dinner out night. It's a night for non-fast food, restaurant food. Judy and I take turns buying the dinner and bringing it home. As everybody knows, I don't like eating IN restaurants. I also don't like eating at home. It used to be a dilemma. But fortunately lots of places now offer easy 'to go' food. Chili's happens to be Judy's favorite restaurant. If she had her way I'd bring home Chili's every Friday night. If she knew I had Chili's yesterday for lunch she'd be disgruntled and I'd hear about it. Sadly for her, half the time it is her turn so she has to eat somewhere besides Chili's.

Tonight was Judy's night to cook--ergo-- it was Judy's job to bring home dinner. When she finally wandered in at 6:30 after working late I was feeling sick from waiting for dinner for so long. (Darn iron supplements---everything I was told about them is true. Yuck.) By that time nothing sounds very good. We had our usual back and forth about where to go, to our mutual irritation. Then Judy suggested that she would cook something from the freezer. That appealed even less than going out. So I suggested Chili's. I knew that would turn things around for her. So the questions is who manipulated who? Did I manipulate her into going out to dinner when she was prepared to "cook" something at home? Or did she manipulate me into giving in to Chili's, which I turned down the first time she mentioned it, by suggesting that she'd actually cook? Hmmm.

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