Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Beau

He was tall and lean,
Still somewhat green,
Just a country boy at heart.
And it hadn't been long
Since he'd left home,
His Navy career to start.
He had a Hoosier accent,
He had it 'till he died,
though he lived in many cities,
And sailed the ocean wide.
At first, he seemed quite shy to me,
With not too much to say.
I didn't know he would become,
Quite talkative one day.
I was most impressed by his gentleness,
He was always so kind, you see.
But the greatest of his virtues,
Was the love he had for me!
I never knew just why I was,
The one to win his heart,
I only thank the Lord that of,
His life I was a part.
Mary J. Stevens

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