Friday, December 30, 2005

If I won the lottery....

While driving in the car I sometimes fantasize about what I would do if I ever won the lottery. This usually occurs when the lottery jackpot has grown to hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm not a regular lottery player so about the only time I actually purchase a ticket is when the jackpot is huge and gajillions of people are playing, thus, reducing my already infintesimal chance of winning. So if I won the lottery what would I do with the money?

1. Pay a tithe to my church.
2. Pay off my credit cards and get out of debt.
3. Buy/build a house.
4. Give money to all my family members.
5. Set up college funding for my nieces and nephews.
6. Buy a bus or RV and hire a driver so I can tour the US in comfort.
7. Live in London for a year.
8. Start a private school and hire all my teachers friends.
9. Go to a fat farm and get healthy.
10. Start a charitable foundation to help single moms with daycare costs.

I think it's a pretty fair mix of selfish and altruistic. That's what I keep telling God anyway. So far, he's not convinced I can be trusted with that much cash--at least that's what I assume, since I haven't won the lottery yet.

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