Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Katie Holmes

After seeing Katie Holmes in Batman Begins, I've concluded that she could have played a part on Seinfeld if she were a little older. My sister and I noticed a picture of Katie in one of the weekly magazines which feature celebrities--can't remember which one, Life & Style or In Touch; where she's got a down-right ugly look. Depending on the lighting she can look very haggard with hollow-cheeks and eyes, drastically older than her actual age. It reminds me of the episode on Seinfeld "The Strike" when Jerry has a new girlffriend who can look ugly or beautiful depending on the lighting.

I guess we could attribute this phenomenon to living with Tom Cruise. (I have disliked him since he dumped Nicole Kidman. I refuse to go to his movies since then too.) Anyway--possibly having a relationship with Tom is adversely affecting Katie's looks. Wonder what the Scientology take on plastic surgery is...