Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summer Reading

I've been reading constantly since my summer vacation began. It's what I do in the summer. A complete listing of the books I've gone through is unlikely to fall from my typing fingers since it would include dozens of books at this point. The more I blog, the less I could read, which is not a desirable outcome to me. Anyway-- I am recommending Mary Jo Putney's Guardian series; A Kiss of Fate, Stolen Magic, and A Marriage Spell. The first two are set in the Georgian period and the third is a Regency. They are "alternate" historicals. They present historical facts as they were (okay, with some slight adjustments in dates), but the books include magic as part of the universe. I read them out of order, which did not inhibit my enjoyment. I like romance and paranormal elements in a story so these books were right up my alley. Mary Jo Putney is a favorite author of mine as well, although I have gotten out of the habit of buying everything she writes as soon as it comes out. This is not a reflection on her, but rather just one of those things.

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