Monday, July 17, 2006

Teva Sandals

When thinking about shoe or sandal-wear, I am interested in comfort and style. It's a sad fact that if your feet hurt because of uncomfortable shoes, generally, your misery index is pretty high. All you can think about is your feet and the pain. For my slop around shoes in the summer, for the last few years, I have wore Birkenstocks. I do like my Birkies but no one in their right mind would claim that they are attractive and they do require a break-in period. I have nice feet (if I do say so myself) and not even my feet are displayed to their best in a Birkie. That said, they are very easy to wear once broken in.

Last month while shopping in Hunt Valley at a DSW, I found my new favorite sandal made by Teva. It's a flip flip so you can just slide your feet in and go. There's no break in period because the straps are a soft fabric and your feet have a wonderful cushion to absorb the shock of walking. I love these flip flops so much that my sister and I have acquired eight pairs. Isn't internet shopping wonderful? They come in a ton of different colors combinations! Here are some examples of the styles we've purchased:

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