Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fourth of July

This summer Judy and I will be busy hosting family for destination vacations. Karen and Allison will be coming right after my school lets out in mid-June. We already know that our focus will be all Lincoln, all the time. We've been reading Lincoln books since last summer and now we want to see some of the things we've read about. Happily, Ford's Theater is completely renovated and better than ever. We are also going to see the Lincoln Summer Cottage which opened up last summer. We had planned to go, then didn't and regretted it. No regrets this summer.

Jeri, Andrea, and Connor will be driving into town shortly thereafter. When Andrea visited a couple of years ago, Judy or I apparently promised that on her next visit we would book a hotel room in D.C. for the Fourth of July fireworks. I'm of a temperament that the only way I'd be willing to view the fireworks on the National Mall would be from the comfort of my own private space. Since Andrea reminded us of our promise, we actually bestirred ourselves to act. If you want a hotel room over Fourth of July you can't wait to the last minute. So--as of now, we are booked for a weekend in D.C. over the Fourth. Yippee. I'm looking forward to this even if we will be sharing space with an exuberant four year old.

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