Friday, June 12, 2009

Farm Town

So what's the attraction to playing Farm Town on Facebook, you may ask? Many of my co-workers think that I, and others who shall remain nameless, are a bit..wacky for playing this game. Add to that the fact that I play the game obsessively and it is a real puzzler for those who don't have free time and or an interest in computerized farming. Another weird Robin interest to roll their eyes over. Hey, can I help it I'm unique-ish (ignoring the identical twin factor)?

I'd say the attraction is that it's like playing house when you were a kid. You pretend. You create. You imagine. You pretend that you are planting acres of coffee and pumpkins (they are the best money makers). You pretend that you are an entrepreneur, wheeling and dealing, re- investing in your profits in your growing (pun intended) business. You hire people--so now you are a boss (unlike in real life where maybe you are not so boss-like, --okay that one doesn't apply to me because I'm obnoxiously bossy). Anyway--you buy a house, you plant flowers, get a lawn-mower, acquire pets. And you can arrange and re-arrange your little world as often as you please. It only requires you to repeatedly click of the mouse. What's not to love? It's mindless, time-wasting fun and I just happen to have a lot of time coming up. .

By the way--I named my farm "ROBINWORLD".

Heh heh.

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