Sunday, June 28, 2009

Roll 'em out, Roll 'em in...

Here in Maryland, the capitol of destination vacations, we sent home our first summer visitors this morning. This sending off was not without its problems however. We left a leetle bit late for the airport and Karen and Allison ended up actually MISSING their flight! When Karen called me to tell me that--I was upset and mortified. This is why they say get to the airport an hour and a half before your flight leaves. Apparently, Karen and Ali got stuck in a long security line and that is all she wrote. They got a flight out later in the afternoon and ending up landing in Indianapolis at 5:40 p.m. Since we had planned Karen's return flight so that she would be able to have some time at home before returning to work tomorrow morning that was a complete flop. This is also the reason why one should always carry a book or other reading material with you when traveling. Five extra hours in an airport is a lot of time to fill. Judy and I did offer to go back and get them, but Karen wasn't willing to leave the safety of that side of the security check-in, lest lightning should strike twice.

Meanwhile, today was spent refitting the "ship" for the next set of visitors. I did loads of laundry (towels mostly) and general straightening up. Andrea, Jeri, and Connor will be arriving here on Tuesday morning. We have tentatively planned activities which we think will be fun for a four year old. I have suggested going to the Please Touch Me Museum and Hershey Park. On Friday we are driving into D.C. to stay in a hotel through Sunday so that we can celebrate the Fourth of July there. Hopefully we'll have a view of the fireworks over the National Mall/Capitol from our hotel room.