Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Batman Begins

On Christmas Day, we watched Batman Begins with our guest. Not a bad movie, but not my favorite. (I liked the one with Catwoman best--Michelle Pfeiffer rocked!) I was a bit surprised by what a small role Katie Holmes had in it. The other female stars have had significantly more screen time. I do think the movie did a good job of taking us from Bruce Wayne to Batman. The explanation of all the gimmicks and technology that he has were logical. I have never understood how Bruce and Alfred could have built the entire Bat cave by themselves, but having the structural work done during the reconstruction of the house is very plausible. The movies certainly make Batman out to be filled with angst, don't they? Since my impressions of Batman were formed by the tv show in the '60's, it's an adjustment to see him brooding and dark. I kind of miss all the ZAPs! and POWs! blaring colorfully across the screen too.

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