Friday, December 30, 2005

Reading List

I've been on vacation since the 23rd. Other than the little blip caused by Christmas entertaining life has been one long read- eat- sleep-watch tv- and occasionally shop fest. Since tv schedules right now are appalling, (boy, would I like to gripe about that), I spent a ton on Christmas which limits my shopping, and I've gained ten pounds from eating and then sleeping, I've had a lot of time for reading.

I'd love to claim that my reading list is erudite and of the highest intellectual content. After all, I sometimes post fascinating (to me) intelligent (to me) and absolutely right-on (to me) comments on Ann Althouse's website. Someone from Althouse might someday come to my blog. I can't let my rep down, right? I'm a brain, right? Brains read brainiac things, right? Uh...not so much. I do like biographies, histories, etc. sometimes. Mostly I like to read lighter fare however. So--I admit it--I read ROMANCES. Eek, gasp! Those poorly thought of books which are supporting the rest of the book industry and which get no respect unless Tolstoy wrote one. I could try to ignore this unsavoury (to some) aspect of my life in my blogging but that limits my blogging. If I refuse to blog about the most significant part of my reading, I'm going to be looking for topics to blog about pretty quickly.

So what's on my reading list? At Border's the other day I picked up the new Sherrilyn Kenyon: Unleash the Night, the new Lucy Monroe : Willing, the new Jennifer Greene: Blame it On Chocolate, and the new McCaffrey/Scarborough: Changelings: Book One of the Twins of Petaybee. I was very excited to see the Petaybee book because I thought the series was done.

I whizzed through Willing, while my sister read Unleash the Night. Both books received a thumbs up rating in our household, if anyone cares. In the meantime, I've also been re-reading some old Lynne Graham and Anne Weale books. Anne Weale is a wonderful author and I enjoy her books for many reasons, but mainly because her heroines are never stupid. She doesn't rely on miscommunication as a plot device. Her heroines make me want to be neater and better groomed. I always feel like giving myself a manicure after I read her books because her heroines are so pulled together. Lynne Graham, on the other hand, writes wonderful alpha male heros who are usually bullies needing to be taken down a peg or two. Her heroines managed to deliver a satisfying blow to the alpha male egos which I enjoy tremendously.

Have I mentioned that I'm not a linear thinker? Maybe reading this blog makes that obvious, but just in case, I'll warn you now. I'm associative--I leap from thought to thought so where a post starts may not be where it ends up. Oh, well. ;o)

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