Monday, December 19, 2005

Movie Reviews

I'm not much of a movie person--I prefer episodic television by far. I hate to be completely out of the loop with regard to movies however, so I try to catch a few movies a year that that look like they might have some appeal to me. This year's movies have included Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick The Pacifier,(I became obsessed with Vin Diesel) Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, The Village, Hitch, Robots, Sahara, and The Skeleton Key.

Since I rarely go to the movies DVDs are the method of my madness. I calculate that the price of a DVD is actually cheaper than two tickets (before 5:00 prices) and the couple's popcorn and drink special. That costs about $20 bucks altogether. A new DVD purchased in the first week of its release can usually be found in stores for less than $15 bucks. That's my rationale, anyway, for buying movies which I don't watch for months and months.

This weekend I pay-per-viewed Bewitched . I rate it an OK-not as bad as Hitch-but I'll never watch it again movie. You know what you're going to get with a Will Ferrell movie after all. I was fascinated by the 'interesting' performance by Nicole Kidman. What exactly attracted her to this rather dippy role? I wonder. I was entranced by the poor continuity of her hair. In the same scene it blipped from well-groomed to drooping and past its prime. Somebody should have been docked some pay there.

After Bewitched, I watched The Skeleton Key which had been gathering dust for a few months. If a movie is good because you keep thinking about it after it is over, then I suppose The Skeleton Key was good. I did keep thinking about it. Of course, what I was thinking was that Kate Hudson's character was a moron who deserved everything she got so maybe that isn't the best standard for what a good movie is...;o)

Since the opinion of a movie critic is not complete without some idea of movies that they really liked-- I'll add that I loved the movie Billy Elliott, Sahara was fun and I liked the little heard of Beautiful with Minnie Driver and A Mighty Wind.

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