Friday, December 16, 2005

Project Runway-2

I discovered Project Runway-Season 2 this week and I am hooked! I can't believe I didn't run across the first season last year, but I've taken care of that--I ordered the DVD set from Amazon yesterday. Hopefully, my Christmas vacation will be one long Project Runway Marathon.

Anyway--My favorite designers so far are Chloe, Daniel Franco, and Nick. In task 2, Chloe made a fabulous dress from very little material. The entire look of her dress was changed. It was elegant and wearable. In task 3, Nick's Barbie outfit had everything; stunning color with an exciting contrast print--wonderful details and wearable by the average person. Daniel's such a precise, clean-lined designer I love everything he's made. I'm worried he'll fall apart because of his perfectionism so I almost hate to root for him because I fear he can't win.

Designers I dislike are: Santino, Zulema (butt-hanging out dress girl--what was she thinking?) and older lady from Allentown. I should be able to remember her name, I guess, but hey, we're only three shows in. I really detest Santino the most! I can't wait for him to crash and burn. My dislike started the moment he groused that Chloe had won the second task because the judges didn't want to give him two in a row. How rude and egomaniacal. The fact that he wouldn't congratulate either Chloe or Nick when he won the Barbie tasks also speaks poorly for his character. Meanwhile he (Santino) had lots of different fabric to work with on task 2. I hated the wierd leather skirt thing he made, particularly the fact that you could still tell it was a jacket because the zipper and collar had been left intact. The bizarro shrug was just a fussy add-on. It may be "couture" but real people wouldn't wear it. As for his outfit for Barbie, it was pretty enough but the ruffles were something he had used on his first task dress and the colors didn't stand out. Not a loser dress, but not The Winner either. The pouting and acting like a baby didn't go over very well either.

So that's my summary in brief so far--

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