Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Big Brother All Stars

I don't blog about Big Brother All Stars. But given that I have a reality show addiction it shouldn't surprise you to learn that I actually do watch it. I know, I is DREADFUL. I will not argue or defend the show. Julie Chen is also the mostly pathetic show host on tv too, btw. That said, I'm SO disgusted with the way the show is going that I wasn't even annoyed when the Tuesday Orioles game preempted the show in my market. I was relieved because I wasn't looking forward to arguing with Judy about whether or not to watch it. Beware here, I need to rant. See, I know what's going to happen on the show because I read a spoiler board with posts from people who have the live feeds. So--I know Erica has stupidly nominated Danielle for eviction even though it is not in her ultimate best interest. Now see--I don't really care who wins. I think that all the BB contestants are basically creepy. But every tiny particle of feminism in me objects to Erica being played by Mike Boogie. How offensive is the Chill Town credo- "bros before hos?" Boogie brags that Erica is falling in love with him and he has used her desperate need for a relationship to manipulate her. How lame and pathetic is she? She is going to be so wigged out when she gets betrayed and watches the shows outside the house. I don't envy her what is coming. She deserves some of it though because she called him out about his loyalty to Will and asked him flat out who came first--her or Will and Boogie hesitated. He HESITATED. He signalled very clearly that his first loyalty was not to her and still she did not unhitch his caboose from her love train. What is up with that??? Is she a moron? I'm so disgusted I don't think I can watch the rest of the season. I can't stand watching Will and Boogie share their stupid pretend phone calls where they mock the others in the house for falling for their line of lies. It's no longer fun--it's just aggravating.


JJLynn58 said...

I would really hate to see the final two come down to Will and Boogie. I can not imagine that anyone watching the show would even be able to respect them or like them outside of the house. However they think they are the best thing since white bread - which they aren't! I would like to shake some sense into Erica and Janelle and pull the blinders off their eyes but it may be too late for that. I thought it was interesting that Danielle threw such a fit about being nominated. Has noone caught Erica and Mike in bed and do they really think Will hangs around with Janelle all of the time because he can't stand her. The house isn't that big and they haven't got a lot of options about what to do so why aren't they opening their eyes. Stupid stupid women! They are giving us a bad name. Shame on them.

Robin said...

Being picky here..isn't the saying, "SLICED" bread? lol I can't help myself..I'm compulsive. That said, I'm fantasizing that Janelle will win the HOH tonight and put up Boogie and Will. Shocking them both. I wish, I wish, I wish..with fingers crossed.