Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is News?

I pondered the question of "What is news?" this morning as I noted the entertainment headline on my homepage from Comcast, Heidi Klum and Seal want More Children. Now I like Heidi Klum. Project Runway is one of my favorite shows, after all. I like Seal's music. I have one of his cds. Brian Boitano used to skate to one of his songs and I was inspired to purchase it as a result. I get that an article/interview with them would be of interest to many people. My puzzlement is over why anyone would write an article about either of them and feel that the headline should announce their desire to have more children, even while Heidi is pregnant with their second child together. If news is supposed to be important. This expressed wish on their part does not meet the standard. If news is supposed to be about unique or unusual happenings--again--wanting more kids is not exactly strange. Or wait--is it? To Hollywood type people is the idea of having two children, one on the way, and then expressing a desire for yet another child so unique and unusual and weird that an entertainment reporter would feel compelled to make it the headline? Hmmm.


JJLynn58 said...

Well I have to agree that the fact that they want more children is not what I would specifically call news. Insanity perhaps, but not news.

Robin said...

Must have been a slooow Saturday.