Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Project Runway Fashion Icon

Tonight's episode of Runway was stellar as usual. I was tickled that Angela rocked again in this episode. I was really torn between wanting Angela or Michael to win. I bragged to Judy that I have predicted her for final three. In fact, I asserted, I predicted Angela, Laura, and Michael all for final three on the first night. Hmmm... Did I really? I searched my blog--here's is what I actually wrote:

"Three designers that I think showed talent and originality and I predict will go far: Angela, Laura, and Kayne."

It just shows to go you that your memory can play tricks upon you. I did compliment Michael's first design in that blog entry about the coffee filter dress, because I thought it should have won. I didn't pick him for final three. Now,I think he's a strong contender but that's not as impressive a prediction after four episodes or so as it would have been if I'd made it after the first episode.

Some observations: I was glad to see Bradley go home. He's been weak for several weeks. I always thought he got a pass on that hideous rip-off outfit that was just like Daniel V's lily outfit. And how could Bradley have existed in this world for the last umpteen years and not have a clue about what Cher would wear is beyond my comprehension. She wouldn't have been caught dead in that shiny martian t-shirt top.

What in the world made Robert switch out that great blue fabric for nasty beige linen? Beige linen was NOT an improvement from his original blue fabric--especially when you consider that boring was an issue. I happen to be fairly well versed in Jackie Kennedy's White House style. I have a couple of books on the subject, and I saw the exhibit of her White House clothes in Chicago just last year. It was a tough challenge for Robert--how do you update a look that is still classic? A-line dresses and simple suits were the bulk of her daywear. One note--she did wear linen--apparently Michael Kors mis-remembers that in his assertion that she was always impeccable. Check out some of the photos of her in Oleg Cassini's book. Her linen wrinkled just like everyone else's does. That said, it's a difficult fabric to work with and I doubt that Jackie would have put that rope belt with any suit. She did wear beige at times, but the blue would have been a much stronger, more interesting fashion statement. Robert was lucky not to go home.

Still--Michael and Angela, WOW! I loved both of their designs and the execution was amazing. Robert made those impeccable hot pants in less than two hours. The top could have been wore anywhere. I loved the pleated bottom. Also, I don't understand the criticism of Angela's sewing skills, especially, after her creation of that complicated, double-fabric dress.

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