Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Design Star Semi-Final

Lest you were wondering, I did watch the Design Star-Semi final which aired on Sunday night--I just didn't watch it until Monday night. Watching the episode late seemed to reduce my usual sense of urgency with regard to blogging. I also thought the episode wa super-boring. Hmm, maybe that's why I didn't blog it right away. Bottom line, there was no surprise for me in the conclusion. I predicted that Alice and David being the best looking, nicest, and somewhat talented would make the final and they did. I didn't believe Tym would make the final, mostly because of his goofy hair and general lack of handsome-ness. Hey--it's a tough tv world out there and looks count. Meanwhile, Tym's complete masculinization of a woman's apartment and total lack of wall art probably didn't help his situation.

Other observations about the episode..Alice doesn't seem to be respected as much as David or Tym because she gasp is able to change her style to suit her customer. I don't really see that as a fault, myself. If I hired a interior designer I would want them to design to MY personal taste, not their own. That said, Tym's subtle slam that he was not a "decorator" made me think he thinks Alice is just a "decorator". Were you surprised that David didn't take his shirt off in this episode? I was. I note he will be taking his shirt off for the final as seen in the previews. I know I'm a girl and all, but isn't it uncomfortable to work shirtless? Don't you feel all bare and exposed? Unless you think your bare chest and manly physique are going to win you votes I just don't see shirtlessness as being helpful in a project. Hey, maybe it's just me.

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JJLynn58 said...

Well I have to agree with you about your design star comments. I thought Tym's living room had an unfinished look to it. I liked how Alice played up the connection to the cigar room with cigar boxes as decoration and I thought it was a good idea to put the fridge in an armoire. I thought it was interesting that the biggest complaint seemed to be that she didn't try and change the set up of the room. Okay - how? I would not want my tv in front of a window. But what do I know - I'm not a "decorator!"
I did like David's room and I thought he was wise to utilize the space above the fireplace with a flat screen tv. That way you do have two focal points and I liked how he framed the fireplace with the book shelves. It definitely needed something.
I am glad that people get to choose the winner and I already know that I will be voting for Alice. She just has a smoother delivery and David gets too nervous and gimmicky with some of the stuff he says.