Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago, Judy was living in Owings Mills all by her little lonesome. Her movements were restricted to her perceived "safe" zone. I believe the boundaries were the McDonald's at the top of Lakeside Blvd.; the other McDonald's on Reisterstown Road by; and the Barnes and Noble on the other end of Reisterstown Road heading into Pikesville; and the Walgreen's on Liberty Road. I was serving out my year in my previous school district and acting as director of the children's choir musical, Holy Moses!

I came to visit over Easter and we spent the entire time holed up in her apartment watching NCAA basketball on her cable-less TV. It was a miserable picture and she only got three channels. (I did not require that of her but she thought cable was unnecessary for the six months she was living alone.) Our joint visit the previous November had been great with wonderful weather. For this, my second visit we had miserable weather. It was cold and rainy. The chilly rain fell steadily for the most part with intermittent periods of heavy rain. It destroyed any desire we had to sight see in Washington. In fact, we skipped a planned guided tour of the U.S. Capitol Building. (Five years later we still haven't managed to visit the Capitol.) I'm reminded of that crummy weather because that's the kind of weather we had today. Cold, steady, drippy rain fell all afternoon. Unpleasant, but a good thing really because it has been pretty dry here all winter and we could use the wet to fill the reservoir.


shirley said...

Serving your sentence directing the children's choir? What blasphemy! I know you are only kidding - I miss that we (still) don't have a children's choir but I know that ship has sailed.
And how could it be 5 years already?
Miss you guys!

Robin said...

The children's choir, which I miss too, was what kept me sane! The prison sentence was my job. It was awful that last year.