Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleep Experiment

Well, my sleep 'experiment' was a total failure. Not that it was a bad idea but I haven't managed to get eight hours of sleep even one time all week. In fact, Tuesday night I stayed up until 1:00 am which was completely stupid. I was reading Sharon Shinn's Reader and Raelynx and it got good. The war was heating up; I was worried about my characters dying; I had to see how it all turned out. My helpless fascination with fictional characters and events has gotten me in trouble many times over the years. Starting in elementary school, if you can imagine! Not surprisingly, I am so tired that I wish wish wish wish wish it was Friday night right now. Mr. Foot has hinted that there might be snow in the region tonight that could cause a school delay tomorrow morning. Oh, I hope hope hope hope hope that happens so I can sleep an extra two hours. Irregardless, as my mother used to say redundantly, I am going to bed early tonight. Whine over, plan in place.

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