Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

This morning, in spite of the fact that CCPS had a two hour delay to the start of school, I was almost late for work. I arrived at 32 minutes after the hour, with only three minutes to spare. I don't like to cut it that close. In spite of having an extra two hours to get ready--I found that plucking my eyebrows, ironing my pants, trying on four different shirts and then changing my earrings to match my final shirt choice, put me off schedule a bit. Then, as I was filling my to-go cup of coffee, I realized that my birthday person does work on Tuesday (not just Monday and Wednesday as I had been imagining) and that I needed to take her cake and present to school. A quick hustle and I had everything in a bag. without forgetting anything--but I was now running really late. I headed out at 10:17 for a fifteen minute drive with a 10:35 deadline. I was a bit concerned that I'd run into traffic, or bad road conditions from yesterday's snow but there was, happily, only one bad patch so I made it to work on time. I mean, how embarrassing to be late with so much extra time to get there. I'm just sayin'.

Well, Terrific Tuesday is winding down for me. I'm home from work enjoying the quiet respite between my getting home and Judy's arrival. She's still slogging away at the salt mines, poor thing, but I am not. During this time, I usually talk to Jeri Lynn on the phone, (she calls a lot) blog, read, nap, and otherwise engage in total sloth. Occasionally, I cook or do some chore. Not today---I'm exhausted from my shortened work day. :O)

So, I'm sippin' a cup of french vanilla coffee and pondering my next book read. I finished Sharon Shinn's Mystic and Rider last night. I should read a biography next for the book challenge. I have many, many choices but I just don't have the energy to decide. Should I go with a Lincoln book, a royalty book, Oscar Wilde's secret life, or Emily Dickinson? Lately, I find I am doing a great deal of waffling on book choice. I have started but not finished about a dozen books. I keep thinking if I just pick them up again I can quickly get my page numbers up in the book challenge. (Currently, I appear to be in last place. I can't figure it out. I am the fast reader. Judy is the slow reader. Karen is in second place and she is the super super fast reader. How is Judy doing it? I suspect cheating. I know there is sabotage! going on in the evening. No sane person flips the mute button on and off so many times otherwise. By the way, please be sure to say the word "sabotage" in a hissing whisper, otherwise that sentence loses something.)

What I really want to read is the next book in Sharon Shinn's series, The Twelve Houses. Since I generally do what I want to do, I think I will stop blogging and start reading The Thirteenth House.

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