Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three Day Weekend

I've blogged before about the pressure that a three day weekend brings. The expectation that one should be productively engaged in either work or play. Around here lots of people head for the coast and enjoy the beach in Ocean City. I've been reading on Facebook that lots of my friends and family are out in their yards, sprucing things up. Some with kids are watching softball games or going biking. Me--I'm doin' nothing. No thing. Not one thing. Not one vacation-y or permanently productive thing, anyway. Usually I talk about going here or there...and this week was the same. I'd like to get up Gettysburg way and see the cyclo-rama. But for crying out loud---it's like forty-five minutes in the car to get Gettysburg and that is just too much trouble. I haven't even had the energy to read a new book yet. So far I've just been re-reading old favorites. On Saturday, I slept super late and then took a four hour nap. LOL I think I'm taking sloth to whole new levels. Wait--wait--I can at least pat myself on the back because I scrubbed the foyer, kitchen, and den floors today. Woohoo. The house smells bracingly of Mr. Clean now. Now Judy and I have been sucked into the movie Last Holiday--I love it when Queen Latifah goes shopping and blows all her money on fancy clothes and then eats all of Chef Didier's fabulous food. Like the Princess Bride, Fifth Element, and Galaxy Quest; Last Holiday can always pull us in even though we've seen it many times.

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