Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vision In White

My latest read is Nora Roberts' Vision in White. It's the first of a planned quartet of stories about four women, best friends, who run a wedding business. They each play a unique role in providing services to brides. Parker is the overall organizer/planner. Emma is the florist. Laurel is the pastry chef. Mackensie is the photographer.

Vision in White is Mac's story. Mac found her calling early in life when she had an epiphany taking a photogaph of a "moment". Now she captures those moments for others because a photograph makes a moment last forever. This is something she needs to do for her own emotional well-being because she's a child of divorce. She learned early that moments and happiness don't last. Her father is distant and swoops in and out of her life. Her mother is serially involved with men in relationships that are doomed to end because Mac's mother is a selfish besom. All this psychological analysis is, of course, mine.

Mac meets Carter. Love ensues. I really enjoyed the part where Carter was an English teacher. And a nerd. And clumsy. He was no greek billionaire--which, you know, is my preferred type(the romance novel kind, not the Ari Onassis kind, fyi).

I enjoyed Vision in White and I was deflated at the end of realize that I have to wait until December 2009 to read Emma's story, Bed of Roses. Some idiot in publishing has apparently decided that other authors needs chance to publish and now they hold Nora's books back instead of publishing them three or four months in a row. I LIKE the fact that Nora writes fast. I DON'T LIKE having to wait so long between books.

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