Monday, June 22, 2009

New Camera At Last

I've been waffling about for a couple of months, trying to decide on a new camera. I wanted something better than my Polaroid digital camera but something less than the cost of a couch. I wanted a view finder but I also wanted something point and shoot. As much as I'd like to be a better photographer, I really don't want to have to think about it too much. I wanted a better zoom but I also wanted something portable. I don't want to carry a bag with all the accouterments required. At Best Buy yesterday I finally made a decision. I had to compromise because all the cameras with view finders were either too big and bulky or the viewfinder was the size of a pinhole. The sales associate assured me that the glare coating on the view screens on cameras has really been improved. We'll see. I'm going to Gettysburg today and that should provide me with a good testing opportunity before D.C. later this week. I'm pleased with the size and feel of the camera and the zoom is out of this world. I got a Canon Powershot sx 110. I'm sure I'll be posting picture soon so you'll be able to judge for yourself if I chose wisely.

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shirley said...

Very nice new camera! I did some checking on and it came up as a top rated camera when they did a comparison of "Enthusiasts Compact Cameras".
And as dry and boring as it is, make sure you read the manual! Can't wait to see pictures!

Robin said...

I LOVE it so far. The zoom...oh...the zooooooom.