Monday, February 16, 2009

Born in Death

Born in Death is a great book. It starts with a hilarious scene, Eve and Roarke at birthing class with Mavis and Leonardo and races to a fabulous finish. In the middle you can't read fast enough because you are so worried about the characters who are in jeopardy. I think it's because this is the Mavis-has-a-baby book and we all have an instinctive need (well, those of us who are normal) to make sure that expectant mothers and their babies are safe and well.

Eve pulls a murder which turns into a double homicide, then a triple homicide and ultimately, a kidnapping, baby-selling operation. The first murder is an accountant (a very nice woman) who discovers that someone is cooking the books. She tells her fiance. Murder follows. Then a cover-up murder.

In a seemingly unrelated crime, one of Mavis' pregnant friends goes missing--failing to show up for Mavis' baby shower. When Mavis turns those tear-filled, best friend eyes on Eve and asks her to personally investigate Tandy's disappearance--what can Eve do? Well, mostly not sleep for the next three days or so while working herself to a collapse. I was so tired on Eve's behalf, that by the end of the book, I had to take a nap.

What's great about the book? Eve dealing with a birthing class, baby gift shopping, the baby shower, Leonardo and Mavis getting married, and the birth of Mavis' baby. Best idea, ever? Getting Mavis a tiara. Next best thing about the book--Tandy and her baby are safe at the end of the book.

Not so great things about the book--the too convenient intersection of the triple murder and the baby mom disappearance. This isn't the first time Eve's had a couple of cases just happen to intersect so that she 's able to solve them. Cassandra, anyone? Second annoying thing--the Commander calling Eve into his office to say that there is concern that Roarke will access private client information taken into her custody as part of the accountant's murder investigation and use it to enrich himself. Is Roarke considered a criminal by the NYPSD or not? If he is, why do top police officials come to parties at his house? I don't think the real chief of police in New York is going to Christmas parties at John Gotti's house, for crying out loud. I'm pretty sure the real New York police department isn't hiring criminals as their "expert" consultants. I'm pretty sure real criminals can't get top secret Defense Department contracts to supplies computer and security systems. All of which is true of Roarke in this fictional world. So, to me, the continued use of Roarke being havey-cavey to keep Eve from a promotion, and to cause Eve to have ethical issues, is just annoying.

In spite of that, I still loved this book. I was well satisfied with the time spend on Mavis's baby and having the two babies at the end of the book being named after Eve was sweet too (Quentin Dallas, and Bella Eve). I give this book four and a half stars out of five.

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