Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Puzzle Center

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Judy and I were arranging the various areas of our house to facilitate our hobbies. The den was designated as the puzzle place. After working for about three weeks we finally finished the Tea Party puzzle. (Still missing one piece, darn it.) We pulled out another puzzle but it had too much white and the pieces were tiny. We perused puzzles at Springbok's website. We found several we liked but I never got around to ordering them. We popped into Toys R Us and found some others that we thought would be good--only to discover that the art on the box was only a part of the bigger puzzle art, and the pieces are tiny. We forced ourselves to start it anyway. I hoped that maybe it would grow on us. I managed to finish the outline and a section of the bottom where there was a red stream. Then my back started hurting. I still have trouble sitting in a chair. (Makes writing reports at work rather difficult, I can tell you!) Puzzle work has been nonexistent for days and days. So, that poor puzzle is still spread out and waiting to achieve the ultimate aim (presumably) of all puzzles--getting put together. The thing is--an integral element of doing a puzzle is the challenge and pleasure of completing the picture. If you don't like the picture--what's the point? I guess I'm going to have to order the Springbok puzzles or head to the Greetings and Readings in Hunt Valley to look for something we are interested in--or the "puzzle place" is going to close down and be re-purposed.

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