Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Forecasting

If you've never worked in a public school, perhaps you do not know how intensely interested most teachers are in the weather. Yes, teachers are noble creatures so interested in expanding their minds and learning more about the earth and natural phenomena that they spend hours studying various Internet sites. Weather forecasting mostly--weather in the winter forecasting--the kind that may lead to, oh, I don't know, maybe a SNOW DAY!!! (Yeehaw!)

At my workplace this year I am, for reasons which completely escape me, becoming known as Meteorologist Robin. Now I think it's unfair. I mean, just because I regularly talk about the potential for snowfall doesn't make me weather obsessed. And it's not that I want snow days...I just figure everyone should be prepared for them so as to get the most out of them.

My favorite weather site for the Baltimore Metro area is Foot's Forecast. Mr. Foot seems to really understand the local weather patterns and knows the weather history here. He also gives predictions about which school districts will close or delay or whatever. For the "Groundhog Day Storm", Mr. Foot is going against the mainstream weather thinking here. He believes we'll be getting around four inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. This is a brave and bold prediction since we are not (to my knowledge) even under a winter weather advisory. But I believe him and so I've shared with my colleagues. Now my weather rep is at stake. We'll see how it all plays out over the next twenty-four hours, I guess.

According to my Facebook sources, snow has been falling in Carroll County. Fingers-crossed, I don't look like a dork. Oh yeah--and I feel owed some "make-up snow days" since the two we had last week coincided with my back going out and I couldn't even enjoy them.


As they would say on the "I has a Cheeseburger" website, "I has been robbed" of a snow day--or even a two hour delay. Mr. Foot will be wearing a bag on his head today. I will not (but I'll be taking a lot of ribbing.)

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